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At TRIVIUM, we have turned our passion for teaching German as a Foreign Language into a profession. We specialize in helping our students to prepare for every aspect of their future. From studies to careers to everyday life with friends and family, TRIVIUM’s authentic and comfortable learning environment is designed for a full-immersion language learning experience. Whatever your goals may be, TRIVIUM is looking forward to helping you achieve them.

Important Information - Our upcoming classes

Here is a list of our upcoming courses and exam dates

Begin End Oral Written
22.08.2022 30.09.2022 30.09.2022 30.09.2022
04.10.2022 11.11.2022 11.11.2022 11.11.2022
14.11.2022 23.12.2022 23.12.2022 23.12.2022
02.01.2023 10.02.2023 10.02.2023 10.02.2023
13.02.2023 24.03.2023 24.03.2023 24.03.2023
Begin End Midterm Final Oral Re-Exam.
12.09.2022 02.12.2022 24.10.2022 11.11.2022 14.11.2022 15.11.2022
Registration for the DSH at the University Duisburg-Essen
  • DSH Registration: 23.02.2022 (10-15 o'clock)
  • DSH Exam: 12.03.2022 (Saturday)


Overview of Classes in 2022

Last update: 06.05.2022

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